Metro Flat Tipped Disposable Needle Tubes


What do you need to know— information about disposable tattoo tubes with tip?

Color: Clear tube black grip
Length: 10.8cm/ 4.25 inch
Grip Dimension: 25mm/ 1 inch
Tube Dimension: 8mm/ 0.31 inch
Tattoo Grip Material: Soft Rubber
Tattoo Tube Material: Plastic
Type: Disposable Tattoo Needle Tube 1” Grip with Tip

What are the features of these disposable tattoo tubes?

Soft rubber black tattoo grip and plastic tubes, easy to handle and use in a variety of applications.
Tattoo grips 25mm, 1 inch in diameter. Easily hold, and suitable for virtually everyone’s hand size.
Professional standard length loop bars suitable for all tattoo machines,tattoo kits,tattoo supplies.
Ergonomic and Non-Slip design. lightweight and easy to carry. Excellent for professional artists use.
Individual blister package, CE certificated and pre-sterilized.
Model number is carved on the tip. Prevent confusion about size of tube vs needle and cut down on unnecessary waste. Packages and Sizes:

Pack of 20pcs disposable tattoo tubes with grips.
How many sizes are available for this product? We have the following tips and sizes available for this product.

VT(Diamond tip): 5 DT, 7 DT, 9 DT, 11 DT, 14 DT

FT(Magnum tip): 5 MT, 7 MT, 9 MT, 11 MT, 13 MT, 15 MT, 23 MT

RT(Round tip): 3RT, 5RT, 7RT, 9RT, 11RT, 13RT, 15RT



Tattoo Tubes 1 Inch/25MM – 20Pcs Disposable  Tattoo Tubes with Soft Rubber Black Tattoo Grip and Tube for Tattoo Needles

ASSORTED TUBE SIZES AVAILABLE: We carry disposable tubes with three different types of tips available.  Our tubes come with either Round tips, Diamond tips or Flat tips.  We carry tubes with the following specs:

FT(Magnum tip): 5 FT | 7FT | 9FT | 11FT | 13FT | 15FT | 23FT

PRE-STERILIZED FOR SAFETY: Similar to our needles, these tubes are individually sterilized and packaged for your safety.  Thus, human hands have not handled this product between you the artist and the manufacturer.
GRIP-TUBE DESIGN: Our tubes are well designed and manufactured for industry use with the artist in mind. Each tube is designed for convenience and comfort and therefore suitable for long hours of use.  These tubes feature soft black rubber grips which are large and easy to handle. Safe, high quality tattoo equipment can be hard to come by in the tattoo industry. This product provides you, the artist with the perfect non-slip grip for optimal results. Get everything you need for a worry-free experience.  Not only from this product but all of our diverse supply of tattoo and medical supplies and accessories.
METRO GUARANTEE: At Metro Medical and Tattoo Supply, we are dedicated to providing our customers with affordable, premium, high quality tattooing equipment and supplies. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your tattoo needs, we are here for you. With over three decades of experience in the tattoo industry we know which products work and which don’t. We believe it is important for everyone to be able to work in the industry safely yet without a compromise on the part of the artist.


5 FT, 7FT, 9FT, 11FT, 13FT, 15FT, 17FT, 23FT


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