Diamond Tip Disposable Needle Tubes


1 Inch/25MM – Disposable  needle Tubes with Soft Rubber Grip

VT(Diamond tip): 5 VT | 7VT | 9VT | 11VT | 14 VT

Color: Clear tube black grip
Length: 10.8cm/ 4.25 inch
Grip Dimension: 25mm/ 1 inch
Tube Dimension: 8mm/ 0.31 inch
Tattoo Grip Material: Soft Rubber
Tattoo Tube Material: Plastic
Type: Disposable Tattoo Needle Tube 1” Grip with Tip



ASSORTED TUBE SIZES AVAILABLE: We carry disposable tubes with three different types of tips available.  Our tubes come with either Round tips, Diamond tips or Flat tips.  We carry tubes with the following specs:

Soft 25mm, 1 inch in diameter rubber black tattoo grip and plastic tubes, Ergonomic and Non-Slip design. lightweight and Individually blister packaged, CE certificated and pre-sterilized. Pack of 20pcs disposable tattoo tubes with grips.

VT(Diamond tip): 5 DT, 7 DT, 9 DT, 11 DT, 14 DT

FT(Magnum tip): 5 MT, 7 MT, 9 MT, 11 MT, 13 MT, 15 MT, 23 MT

RT(Round tip): 3RT, 5RT, 7RT, 9RT, 11RT, 13RT, 15RT

Additional information

Weight18 oz
Dimensions5.5 × 4.5 × 5.5 in

5 VT, 7VT, 9VT, 11VT, 14 VT


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